What does JPH offer?

Professional service from drying, storage, and wholesaling. 

We can dry your product to 10% in our climate-controlled warehouses, trim, finish, and package in one-pound bags, ready for distribution, and then broker your product for sale.

Will you harvest my product?

When harvest labor is available, we work with you (and any harvest labor you can provide) to cut, weigh, and record in METRC as we load your plants onto our reserved, barcoded drying racks for transport to our secure warehouse facility.

How do you keep my product separate from everyone else’s?

In addition to the compliant METRC RFID tags, JPH also has industry leading inventory management software barcoded system for warehouse tracking.

How do you weigh my product?

Prior to transferring your product to our facility, we work with you to weigh the harvested, big-leafed flowers. You create a transfer manifest that we can use to move the product to JPH. Product is then re-weighed on entry into the JPH warehouse. We dry down to 10% moisture before taking down from the racks.

How do you grade my product?

Our intake manager will discuss the market scope with you in relationship to trimming marketable product.

How long does this process take?

We will stay in contact with the farmer through the process with updates on specific product in the warehouse. Typically product is dried within a 7 day window and the farmer will be contacted once it’s ready for the next stage.

When do you trim the product?

Expectations will be set based on a conversation between the intake manager and the farmer. The best time to trim is right after dry cycle..

How does the invoicing go?

Farmers pay a deposit, monthly storage costs if necessary, trim fees if requested, and the balance to get product when it is finished.

What are your fees?

Trimming is $70 per pound, with bucking it’s $80 per pound. Please contact a salesperson for more information.

Will you sell my product for me?

Yes. We have a great brokerage team and lots of sales channels for all materials.

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