Harvest and Infrastructure Management FAQ


What does JPH offer?

Ease and peace of mind. We provide professional service from harvest to distribution.

We will come to your site, harvest your flower, dry and cure it in our climate-controlled facility, test, trim and package in 1 pound bags ready for distribution. We will tailor our services to meet your needs.

How is the trimming process handled?

Quality control is of utmost importance to our team here at JPH. We welcome producers into the warehouse to review the trimming of their product. Any special instructions will be considered by our warehouse trim leads for each individual job. All trimming rooms are on-site at our monitored warehouse.

Will you sell my product? 

We work with many wholesalers and distributors in Oregon. As a central marketplace for wholesalers, we can help bridge the gap between producers and distributors. 

What type of security can I expect at the warehouse?

Our warehouse is under 24 hr surveillance in addition to the 8 ft. razor wire fence and night watchman. All employees must check in at the gate and wear their employee ID tags while on the premises. Our night watchman is equipped with a panic button dialed in to the Medford Police department. The average police response time is 3 minutes.

How do you harvest my product?

We work with you, and any harvest labor you wish to provide, to cut, weigh, and record in METRC as we load your plants onto our barcoded drying racks for transport to our facility. Any assistance you would like to provide during the harvest process is welcome, but not required. 

Who can I expect at my farm during harvest time? 

We provide the workforce and the transportation to your farm. You can rest assured that all of our employees go through the proper interview channels, are required to carry a valid Marijuana Workers Permit through the State of Oregon, and are properly trained for their given position with Jefferson Packing House.

How do you keep my product separate from everyone else’s?

Jefferson Packing house has a unique inventory tracking system. Please request an appointment for details.

What are your fees? 

Trimming and bucking are rated per pound. If you need harvest work or some but not all of our services, a la carte pricing is available and those prices vary by job. We do this to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.